• Photographic Record For Visitor

    VZak is useful to get visitor In-Out report includes their photograph which are taken during pass creation. This will help in finding any visitor's record quickly in bunch of records. Also this kind of reports impresses and gives professional look to it. Reports can be exported in various formats like Word/Excel /Pdf etc.

  • Instant Man Count

    VZak displays visitor's head count on visitor entry screen which will help in case of any emergencies in organization or record purpose. It results in more accurate screening of visitors. It also effectively tracks entry and exit of visitors.

  • Customized Pass

    VZak software generates customized visitor's pass as per user requirements. This pass mainly contains organization's logo & instructions for visitors,organization's location,visitor's photograph with basic information and box for visitor's & host's signature.

  • Instant pass regeneration

    VZak provides facility to regenerate visitor pass .This feature reduces work of user to re-enter visitor details for generating pass. VZak provides screen from which user needs to search & select visitor from matching list and generate pass instead of re-entering visitor's details again.

  • Pass generation within 3 seconds

    VZak help user to generate visitor visit within 3 seconds. This feature is only useful when particular visitor revisits premises. First, user will ask for visitor/company name. Search results will be shown & user selects visitor from search results. Just 3 seconds

  • Secured Barcode Pass

    Basically, visitor pass is provided to visitor for the purpose of having some basic information regarding visitor which is helpful for his identity while visitor is in organization premises.

    This visitor pass contains information like organization name,location name, instructions as well as organization logo,visitor basic details includes name, visitor organization, name of the person to meet,in time,purpose of meeting,visitor photo taken while visit generation,box for visitor & host signature and secured barcode of visit.

  • Close Visit in a Second

    After completion of visit, visitor is ready to leave the organization premises. In this case visitor should come to the security desk and submit the provided pass. After getting the pass, user turns to close visit for the same. For visit close, user have two ways:

    • Manual Visit Close: VZak provides facility to close the visit without using barcode scanner. VZak provides screen which displays all visitors who are present in premises. User can search & select visitor for closing his visit.

    • Using Barcode scanner: User just have to open Visitor Entry screen. Then, press F8 and scan barcode on visitor's pass using barcode scanner. It will close the visit. This will take few seconds to close visit.
  • Auto fill for visitor details on revisit

    This feature reduces burden of user to re-enter visitor details again on revisit of visitor. In case of revisit of visitor, user should enter visitor name/company name to search visitor. This will display matching list of visitors along with photograph. User needs to select visitor from list. After selecting the visitor, his details which were entered in last visit gets filled automatically in respective fields. User just needs to generate pass and hand it over to visitor

  • Blacklist Visitor

    This feature help user to blacklist a visitor due to his/her misbehave. While visitor blacklisting, user need to search and select visitor and provide reason for blacklisting. When blacklisted visitor revisit organization and user will enter details of blacklisted visitor then, system gives message like visitor is blacklisted and screen color of visitor entry form will change.


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Digitization of Visitor Info

VZak generates an accurate digital record for all visitors – can be searched by name, company name. It provides 24/7 service to get visitor's data as per user requirements either daily,weekly or monthly. Also this system manages multiple host employee data. System enrolls new visitor or identify existing visitor in efficient way. Visitor's detailed information including photograph is maintained.

Improves Organization Image

Professional pass format and streamlined visitor processing Badges are professionally done and visitors data is processed efficiently eliminating large waiting lines at the security gate or reception. This avoids time wastage of visitor as well as security personnel who attends this visitor first. VZak is very user friendly and fast. It also improves efficiency of the visitor's Check IN process and enhances the professionalism of the visitor enrollment process.

Improved Safety

Security user able to identify unwanted visitors under the blacklisted database upon their arrivals and deny their entries as an option. For that VZak keeps track of "Blacklisted visitors"and gives alert to user in the form of display message and by changing background color of screen when user tries to create blacklisted visitor's visit. With Vzak, nobody will be allowed in organization premises without pass issued from security. VZak customized pass allows visitor to enter in organization premises as authenticated person.

More Professional Image

With VZak, you can eliminate manual visitor logs and create customized visitor passes for your guests. Also VZak provides daily IN details,visitor IN-OUT with photograph reports. VZak can be customized to send these reports on authority person's email id on specific time. It also monitors visitor's traffic and waiting times.


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  • Easy to create Visitor Visit
  • Easy to create Visitor pass
  • Search visitor previous visit using name
  • Formated Visitor gate Pass with photo
  • Close Visitor visit using barcodes
  • Count no of visitors for visit in primises
  • Reports visitor activity
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  • Easy to create Visitor Visit
  • Easy to create Visitor pass
  • Search visitor previous visit using name
  • Formated Visitor gate Pass with photo
  • Close Visitor visit using barcodes
  • Count no of visitors for visit in primises
  • Reports visitor activity


Video Intro

VZak provides a way to effectively control, record & track your organization's visitor traffic.VZak helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises. VZak is integrated with various hardwares like web-cam,bar-code scanner & printers



This saves time of user as VZak is installed in 6 easy steps.

  • Download the setup file(Executable file with .exe extension) from www.vzakvms.com.
  • Copy downloaded setup file and paste it on computer machine on which you want to install it. After that you need to login with local administrator user on same computer machine
  • Once successful login, double click on downloaded setup file(.exe file) to install it
  • After successful installation, new screen will open which will display installation key and will ask for license key.
  • After successful licensing process new window will open which will ask to enter following details regarding organization or skip and upload through master:
    • Organization Name
    • Location Name
    • Address
    • Contact Number
  • If successful new screen will open which will ask to upload instruction as well as organization logo which will display on visitor pass or skip and upload through master

VZak is designed to run on computers which has lowest configurations and required less 3rd party softwares for support.

Softwares Required:
  • Operating System : Windows XP or higher
  • Database Server : Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher version
  • Other Softwares : Reportviewer 2010
Hardware Required:
  • Camera for capturing visitor's photo
  • Barcode Scanner to scan barcode on visitor pass
  • Dedicated computer machine for VZak installation
  • Printer for printing visitor's pass
VZak helps to keep the track of visitors In & Out in the organization premises. It also improves efficiency of the visitor's Check IN process and enhances the professionalism of the visitor enrollment process which enhances reputation of organization. VZak should be available with minimum affordable prize & with variety of features for managing visitors efficiently.
You can access the VZak website through www.vzakvms.com.
Yes, for sending visitor daily In & Out report email to authorized persons of organization.
In case you are facing any problem regarding the downloading process, please do get in touch with us through support@vzakvms.com. We would be delighted to get in touch with you and help in solving issues you may face while browsing and/or participating through VZak.


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